Nomadess of a certain age

Travel, they say, changes a person.  Having hit the wall at 50 a few years ago, I made several life altering decisions and carried them out in very quick succession without blinking an eye.  After housing my worldly belongings in a long-term storage facility ‘until further notice’, I quit the day job and boarded a plane – first stop was Morocco.

Madame Fishflower™ is the name I was christened by a young man I met in a Paris youth hostel while travelling around France in 2016 and subsequently adopted – the name, not the young man.  I was ‘Madame’, presumably because I was 18 years his senior.   Within 36 hours of meeting, he was professing his undying love for me and insisting that I become his wife before I depart for my next destination.  All of this after just one Mocktail.  The young ones move quickly nowadays, it seems.  Although the offer of marriage was tempting (?) and sincere (???), I declined on this occasion, as I didn’t have any gaps in my touring schedule.  I still had the rest of Europe to explore, I had committed to a 3 week cat/house-sitting gig in country France and a certain camel was awaiting my arrival in the Sahara.

In no particular order, this blog is a collection of travel musings, hindsight and a few current ruminations to keep it all ‘in the now’ while I plot and scheme my next move.  All done with camera in hand (I love my camera).

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